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    Cables and connectivity!

    A little extra power goes a long way when your smartphone battery runs low. Our wide cables and connectivity range enables you to enjoy world-class entertainment. Safe, anti-bacterial cleaning products will keep your smart device clean. Never be alone in the dark with our batteries and torches. To get more out of your phone, tablet and audio and video devices - accessorise!

    Cables and connectivity product range


    Audio and video accessories
    Perfect picture, perfect sound
    • Cables, inverters and surge protectors
    • Wall mounts and antennas
    • Care and cleaning
    沙巴体育官方网站 • Universal remote controls


    Ultrabook and laptop accessories
    Connect better, work better
    • Cables
    • Inverters
    • Care and cleaning


    Tablet and mobile phone accessories
    Get more out of your mobile phones and tablets
    • Chargers and power banks
    • Cases
    • Care and cleaning
    • Bluetooth mono headsets


    Batteries, chargers and torches
    Long-lasting power, extra-bright torches
    • Batteries
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Torches
    • Battery chargers


    Media and data storage
    High capacity, high speed
    • CDs and DVDs
    • USB sticks
    • SSD drives
    • SD / micro SD


    Surge protectors and power strips
    Safe and convenient power
    • Surge protectors
    • Power strips
    • Inverters